Finding Your Y

Someone once said that a career is what you are paid for, but a calling is what you are made for. That’s a fact. We all entered this world under different circumstances. Maybe you were conceived by a man and a woman who were married and in love, or perhaps you were born into a single-parent home. Maybe you came into this world due to a tragedy, such as rape. No matter what the circumstances were around your arrival, God sent you here for a reason.

God brought you to the earth to do something specific for Him. When God created this planet, everything had a purpose. He created the stars, the trees, and the seas for a purpose. Even those little ants in your house that you can’t stand have a purpose.

Think about it. Even in our world today everything is purpose-driven. A glass’s purpose is to hold liquid, right? A napkin’s purpose is to wipe up messes. A pen’s purpose is to write. A car’s purpose is to transport you. Everything God created has a unique purpose, and you are no different. When we talk about your Y, we’re talking about your unique calling, your unique purpose—what God sent you to the earth to accomplish.

When you find your Y, it not only impacts you; it impacts the world around you. It impacts the world your family lives in. It impacts others who follow your example. Most importantly, it impacts the people God has called you to reach for him. God needs you to find and fulfill the purpose He has for you.

You were born with the ability to change a life. There’s somebody you are supposed to help save by simply being in your Y. There is somebody who hasn’t heard about Jesus or doesn’t understand all that God has done for him or her. When you find and fulfill your Y, you will give them a chance to follow Jesus.

Andre Butler

Taken from Yxist by Andre Butler available on Amazon

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