Black Friday Fire Sale

Happy Friday!

Take advantage of all of these great deals in the Faith+ Black Friday Fire Sale!

Winning the Week with Kylie Gatewood

All Digital Downloadable Messages Are Free!

Living the Good Life with David Winston

"The Winston Leadership Institute is a 12-week online course designed to help you grow your confidence, sharpen your people skills, and increase your leadership ability. In as little as 30 minutes a week, David will teach you all the how-tos for leadership. And the best part is you can start anytime and go at your own pace!

TODAY ONLY, you can enroll for 50% OFF! For only $24.99, you will get access to the entire course! Enter the code "BLACKFRIDAY" to redeem your discount.

Click on the link now or go to to learn more about how you can start your leadership journey."

Marked Faith with PJ Oliveira
Marked for Life, Not Scarred: A Book By Cynthia Demola

In this compelling real-life novel, Cynthia Demola-Oliveira exposes the secret shame that held her bound and how she courageously faced her fear to redirect her own path to her destiny. This gripping, heartfelt story chronicles her life. You will ride on an emotional roller coaster that details the true story of heartache, deception, and painful relationships.

The Faith Broadcast with Kerrick Butler

Prayers That Will Change Your Life is on sale for only $0.99!

The phrase "prayer changes things" is very common and very true. In understanding this, another question can rise which is, "Are there some prayers that are more effective than others?" The answer is a resounding, "Yes." There are divinely inspired prayers in the Bible which can transform lives and change situations. The prayers included in this book are Scriptural prayers that have transformative power. Each chapter of this book explains the meaning of these Scriptural prayers so that the reader will have greater faith and understanding as they pray these prayers. The prayers included in this book are truly "Prayers That Will Change Your Life."

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