Prosper with a Purpose

When people say things like,

🗣 “I don’t need all that...”
🗣 “I don’t want to be wealthy, I just want to live a comfortable life...”
they are actually speaking from a place of selfishness.

That mindset reveals that the only person they are thinking about is themselves. Wealth is meant to be shared - used to add value to others and changes lives.

Prosperity MUST have a purpose. Money MUST have a mission.  

Determine to proposer as much as humanly possible - then let God supernaturally take it MUCH further than that.  Don’t be the only person standing at your place of success - bring others with you.  

Be a bringer!

If you have ever caught yourself thinking or saying similar things, change it. Your change will open the door for someone’s life to pivot from a generational direction and into new territory.

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Vivian Trammell - May 13th, 2021 at 5:49am